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All of our wines are vinified and aged without sulphites.
A minimal dose of sulphur is added around April/May when bottling occurs.

White Saumur - Tradition
White Saumur - L’Orée du Bois
Saumur Champigny - Tradition
Saumur Champigny - Old Vines
Saumur Champigny - Antidote
Saumur Champigny 2019 Zero Sulphur
Coteaux de Saumur - Gage d'Antan
Cabernet d'Anjou
White Saumur Brut
Saumur Brut- Rosé
Saumur Champigny 2019 Zero Sulphur
Domaine de Rocfontaine

Saumur Champigny 2019 Zero Sulphur

AOP Saumur Champigny

This zero sulphur Saumur Champigny is brimming with red and black fruit flavours riding on top of notes of blackberry and raspberry with soft tannins. This cuvée is vinified only when the vintage is suitable.

This special cuvée was harvested, vinified, aged and bottled without any additional sulphur, in other words what we would call an unadulterated wine.

The mouth-feel is broad and harmonious marrying velvety tannins with beautiful fruit-forward expression.

Serve chilled at 12°c alongside fish, or a little warmer with red meat or chicken. A truly pleasurable wine.

Varietal: Cabernet Franc

Age of vines: 15-20 yrs

Soil type: Calcareous clay subsoil (tufa)

Yield: 55 hl/ha

Production: 4,000 bottles/year

Harvest: Hand-harvested

Vinification: The entire harvest (grapes and juice) is vinified in barrels. Long fermentation of 4 weeks during which the sole mechanical action is a barrel rotation 1-3 times a day in order to extract very supple tannins.


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