History and Tradition

For over three generations our vineyards have been farmed according to ancestral tradition.

80% of our harvest is done by hand, without additional sulphur during the vinification and ageing process.

Driving along the narrow streets of this commune you will come to our tufa cellars. The presence of this calcareous clay subsoil gives Domaine de Rocfontaine its character and its originality.

Our grape varieties

Cabernet Franc is a red-skinned grape with white juice, first cultivated in Aquitaine then later in the Loire Valley, a region which boasts the perfect conditions for this varietal to flourish. In this area the varietal can also be called “Breton” it is always fruity, more or less tannic, and thrives in the sandy, clay-limestone soils and Tuffeau chalk, which characterise the Saumur region.

On the nose it has a very distinct bouquet of red fruits (raspberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, with occasional blackberry or cherry) and floral hints of violet or iris. During vinification, it needs to be handled with care in order to round off its hallmark robust tannins.

Chenin is a white juice grape variety, and is renowned for the freshness and liveliness of the wines it produces. It is one of the rare varietals which can produce dry, semi-dry and sweet wines.

Chenin gives dry white wines elegant structure with aromas of stone fruits, quince, citrus, and white flowers.
When used to make sweet wines, it reveals more developed notes of honey, apricot and acacia.