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Coteaux de Saumur "Gage d'antan"

This delicious Coteaux de Saumur has a straw-coloured robe and combines the delicate aromas of apricot, quince jelly and honey. To be enjoyed as an apéritif or alongside foie gras.

Varietal: 100% Chenin
Selective manual harvest of over-ripe grapes showing signs of noble rot concentration

Age of vines: 50 years

Soil type: “Tuffeau” or tufa (Turonian limestone) is predominant. Present at various depths depending on the area, it gives the wines finesse and force of character.

Yield: 15 hl/ha

Production: 500 to 800 bottles a year

Harvest: Hand-harvested

Vinification: Immediately pressed. Low temperature tank fermentation.Natural fermentation stops as the harvested must produced has a sugar content that is too high for all the yeast to transform into alcohol. Matured on light lees.

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